Marketing Materials

Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP)



The CCIAP logo is text based with line drawings representing a vehicle and a stylized maple leaf with checkmark embellishment.

The logo is available in English and in French. The logo is also available in a red and grey combination, and a white and red combination.

The logos shown are the primary graphic elements of the CCIAP branding. Keeping application consistent with precise production of the logos will identify and reinforce awareness of the brand. With the proper use of the logo and branding elements a unique and effective style is established, which keeps a consistent theme for public awareness.


Colour Palette

Red and grey are the primary colors for the CCIAP logos. They are as important to the identification of the brand as the logos themselves. For consistency the CMYK colours of use are as follows:

The proper use of the branding colour palette will convey a professional and confident identity for CCIAP.


Proper usage

The CCIAP logo must appear on any printed matter such as brochures, invitations, and advertisements. The logo should be used in whole as one element.

Clear Space:

The CCIAP logo should have sufficient white space surrounding the logo. White space enables the logo to have proper padding around other elements and so the logo is easily viewed by the public.

Depending on the height of the logo the amount of white space will change.



The lines around the logo indicate the minimum clear space needed with no other graphical element obstruction. The clear space is measured as half the height from the actual logo.

Size Requirements:

As the size of the logo shrinks the lettering and graphic will become less legible. To prevent from too much distortion of the logo with tagline, the logo should be made no smaller than a width of 1.437” (36mm).

Improper use of logo

The logo elements should not be altered at any time. Some examples of alterations include:
     • Alteration of logo colour
     • Alteration of font type or style
     • Placing other graphical elements inside or too close to the logo
     • Alteration of pre-existing tag lines
     • Placement of the logo inside of a shape
     • Stretching, skewing, or distortion of the logo in any way
     • Placement of the logo on a coloured or patterned background that deters readability
     • Exclusion of logo elements

There may be certain instances where reproduction of the logo in black and white will be needed or other situations where dark backgrounds impair readability of the logo. In these situations please contact Tanya Scheidl, Senior Coordinator of Collision Programs for questions regarding CCIAP logo usage:




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