CCIAP Guidelines

CCIAP Accreditation Standards


  • Full time business in a permanent structure at a fixed location
  • Current Garage Liability Policy
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance – min $2,000,000
  • Evidence of compliance with Municipal, Provincial and National business regulations including health and safety
  • Provide proof of proper disposal of environmentally hazardous materials as required by applicable environmental laws
  • Written limited lifetime warranty
  • Documented CSI/customer feedback process
  • Maintain clean and orderly customer service areas including reception areas, and restrooms
  • Secure vehicle storage area
  • I-CAR Canada Gold Class Recognition to be achieved by 1st accreditation renewal date
  • Evidence that collision technicians are provincially licensedwhere required
  • Access to OE repair procedures and proof of compliance
  • Use of an electronic p-page estimating system
  • Spray booth with forced drying capabilities
  • OEM-approved refinish system
  • Use of an R134a or R1234yf refrigerant recovery/recycling system or proof of a qualified sublet provider
  • Use of a pressure-feed, anti-corrosion compound and application equipment
  • Have a 200 amp/220-volt MIG/MAG welder – minimum 35% duty cycle required
  • Have a dent removal/pulling system for steel panels that contains stud welder, stud pins and washers, wiggle wire and pulling attachments
  • Have the ability to perform pre- and post-repair vehicle diagnostic scans and proof of calibrations (in house or sublet)
  • Have a documented Quality Assurance system
  • Frame rack or dedicated fixture bench with appropriate anchoring and pulling capabilities
  • Utilize an electronic 3-D measuring system with current data subscription
  • Have the ability to conduct a four-wheel alignment either inhouse of through sublet
  • An above ground lift with minimum 6,000 lb capacity
  • Tools to remove, replace, and reinstall steering and suspension components, engines and drive train units or proof of a qualified sublet provider.
  • Have a 220 Volt, 3-Phase Inverter-Type (or functionally equivalent Hybrid) – Squeeze-type Resistance Spot Welder (STRSW) capable of producing a minimum of 600 lbf (270 daN) of clamping force and 10,000 amps of current at the electrodes
  • Have a pulse MIG welder with silicon-bronze MIG brazing capabilities


  • Have at least one technician successfully complete the I-CAR ALI01 or FOR06 Structural Repair Training Course
  • Have at least one technician successfully complete the I-CAR WCA03 or WCA05 Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Certification
  • Maintain a separate and isolated aluminum repair space.
  • Have a designated set of aluminum-specific tools containing all required hand tools per manufacturer specifications system
  • Use a 220v Pulse MIG welder specifically for aluminum components
  • Have a dent extraction system specifically designed for aluminum that contains an aluminum stud welder, heat gun, pyrometer, aluminum hammers, and dent extraction system
  • Utilize a specialized aluminum Self Piercing Rivet gun that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications
  • Maintain an Immersion-Type, Wet Mix dust extraction system OR a dry vacuum system using compressed air only, at a low cfm rating (less than 10 cfm) with no electric input that captures aluminum dust, fines and particles at the source and removes them to a disposable bag meeting the appropriate safety certifications.